Tuppence Magazine’s top 10 stories 30th May – 6th June 2010

It’s been a packed week at Tuppence. Top stories are:

Wintersleep New Inheritors album review:

While New Inheritors is build around traditional north American indie rock, it is also filled with a variety of different sounds that give the album the depth…

Eastbound & Down DVD review:

Danny’s McBride’s antihero typecasting saw him nail Red in Pineapple Express, but it’s in his own show, Eastbound & Down, that he really gets to shine. Playing egomaniac…

Ricky Gervais & Stephen Merchant write new BBC2 comedy Life’s Too Short:

Coming to BBC 2 soonish, the show will follow the life of Warwick Davies, show business dwarf, although I’m hoping that it will be in the same twisted way that…

To Hell With Publishing releases first novel, Grant Gillespie’s The Cuckoo Boy:

London’s new indie publishing house To Hell With Publishing has taken it’s first big step with its little loaded slingshot in hand. 2010 saw them launch To Hell With…

Formula 1 2010 hits the PS3, Xbox 360 & PC DVD:

Ever since the might of team Brawl stole the stage in Formula 1 in 2009, the sport has taken a big boost in action and excitement. On the back of the hype for the 2010…

A review of Mark Haddon’s Polar Bears play at the Dunmar Theatre, London:

Following the roller coaster lives of John (Richard Coyle) and his bi-polar wife Kay, as they struggle to keep a hold of each other when the darkness drops on…

Artes Mundi 4 at the National Museum Cardiff:

This year’s Artres Mundi finalists have shone brighter than the sun at the National Museum Cardiff. Stand out productions from Fernando Bryce and Olga…

Loch Fyne, Cowbridge restaurant review:

A night of fine dining is what I reckon you’re guaranteed at Loch Fyne, Cowbridge, South Wales. With a mix of classic fish and sea food dishes and some unique recipes, it’s a taste…

Rising tension between North & South Korea:

Tension between North Korea and South Korea took a turn for the worst recently, plunging the countries into the worst bad blood since the violent maritime clashes of 1999 and 2002…

Lucette brings the cyber warrior to the catwalk:

Our shout for most striking catwalk show of 2010 to date goes to Lucette’s Cyber Warrior spring / summer collection. In addition to the new designs the hair for each of the models was a big part of the overall look…


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