Tuppence Top 10 news & reviews 21st June – 4th July

OK, so two weeks worth again it is. What a loser!

Isle of Wight Festival 2010

This year’s Isle of Wight Festival was a bizarre mix of something for everyone; Spandau Ballet next to the Editors, Crowded House followed up by Vampire Weekend…

Greenberg (2010) review

Greenburg is a film that gives Ben Stiller more depth as an actor than he has ever experienced. A complicated character, a sophisticated storyline and not much in the way of action makes it a big departure…

Dara O’Briain The Apprentice: You’re Fired

What with Adrian Chiles crossing the great BBC ITV divide back in April because of the Chris Evans Friday One Show business, the beeb has been scrambling to fill his shoes on a number of fronts…

Cosmo Landesman Starstruck

Cosmo Landesman’s Starstruck is a brilliant account of the story of fame set against the backdrop of his own starstruck, mad cap family. No aspect of the so-called rise of the importance of celebrity is missed…

Apple iPad review

The launch of Apple’s iPad came on the back of the massive success of the iPhone and iPod (in all it’s forms) as well the sheer brilliance of their MacBook & iMac series…

Royal Shakespeare Company plays at the Roundhouse Theatre

The Roundhouse Theatre (Chalk Farm, London) will be home to six of William Shakespeare’s plays starting on the 30th November and running through to the 5th February 2010…

Gauguin Tate Modern

From his early years in Paris, labouring on the Panama Canal and his journeys to Tahitian paradises, Paul Gauguin travelled the world searching for inspiration for his…

Sam Smiths pubs

If you’ve ever randomly wandered into a Sam Smith pub (not to be confused with the 11th Doctor Who Matt Smith) then you’ve probably fallen in love with them already…

US hand-gun rights ruling by the Supreme Court

The right to bear arms in the USA has been a part of the US constitution since 1791, along with the rest of the Bill of Rights. It remains heavily contested, however, and earlier today…

Topman spring / summer clothing collection 2010

Andy Warhol’s pop art, 60s visual art movement has inspired large portions of fashion & media since his first solo art gallery exhibition back in 1962. Fast forward to a whole new century…


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