Tuppence Top 10 news & reviews 4th July – 9th Aug

Now I’m up to nearly a month’s worth:

Arcade Fire, The Suburbs

The first I heard of Arcade Fire’s 3rd album, Suburbs, was a play of the title track on the radio around a couple of months ago. When the DJ announced that they’d be getting an exclusive play I got massively excited, but sadly…

Spider-Man 4 (2012)

After the announcement back in January 2010 that Sony Pictures’ plans for Spider Man 4 had been cancelled, Spidy fans were left in a spin. This brought an end to the Raimi, McGuire, Dunst franchise. However…

Sherlock BBC

Thanks to the success of Matt Smith’s Dr Who, the BBC has found a TV platform that really works. Now, with the help of Doctor Who writers, Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss, they’ve turned their attention to Sherlock Holmes…

Hans Fallada, Alone in Berlin

Apart from the brilliantly interwoven storyline and the strength of the characters, what’s truly amazing about Alone in Berlin is that Hans Fallada wrote it just two years after the second world war (1946)…

Star Wars Force Unleashed 2

The sequel to one of the best Star Wars games of recent times, Star Wars Force Unleashed 2, is about to hit the shops, but with Nintendo Wii, DS, Sony Playstation 3 and Microsoft Xbox 360 version all in the pipeline, which one will be…

Axis of Awesome, 4 chord song

They’re an Australian musical comedy act that are a bizarre cross between Flight of the Concords, Spinal Tap and Tenacious D…

Who Am I? Gallery at the Science Museum

If you’ve ever read Richard Dawkins’ Selfish Gene, or pondered your GCSE biology notes in serious contemplation, then you’ve probably got a good idea of who you are and what has led…

Milgi, Cardiff

Sort of boho (not the Flight of the Concords variety), kind of cool, Milgi is Cardiff’s answer to a cross between Greenwich Village, New York, and Soho, London. However…

Brazil’s forest law legislation proposals

The diminished Brazilian rainforest has been holding on to its conservation credentials thanks to Brazil’s Forest Law, which determines how much land…

Transformer dress

Growing up in the eighties means that I have a massive love of films like Ghostbusters and Back to the Future 2. When Marty McFly blasted into the future…


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