Tuppence top 10 news & reviews, from the recent past until 6th March 2011

This will be a mixed bag, because I got so distracted with the top 10 albums of 2010 that I completely forgot about listing the top 10 news and reviews from Tuppence Magazine. Here’s a quick selection of some of the best pieces to come out of the online entertainment news & reviews website; a lot of them are from the fashion section this time around, but that’s because there have been some half decent improvements to there recently:

Lingerie Gifts

With Valentine’s Day just out of the way, this page isn’t quite as useful as it was in early February, but it’ll always be good for romantic gifts all year round. It’s got a great selection of lingerie gift ideas to cover a range of different tastes. The aim of the page was pretty classy, so if you’re looking for riding crops and gag balls you should probably look elsewhere, but if you want something stylish, this page has got more than a few iconic selections.

Women’s winter coats

Again, winter is just out of the way and we’re heading headlong into spring, but there’s still a lot of cold in the air, so this page is great for ideas for women’s winter coats. There’s a mix of different styles, including thick duffel coats, belted macs and long, sweaping wool mix whole body wrappers. It’s probably a good time to get a coat in preparation for next year. You can check out some of the styles from the recent London Fashion Week to pick up the styles that are most likely to be big next winter too.

Cheap going out dresses

With the taxman kicking up a twenty percent stink now, it’s time to start reigning in your belts, so getting going out dresses that are on the cheaper side of cheap is probably a good idea. There’s a good selection ranging from the twenty pounts mark, up to around forty squid. Also, if you spend less on the dress, you’ll have more for the cocktails, so it’s a win win situation, although, if you pick the right dress, maybe you won’t need to buy your own drinks anyway.

High waisted denim shorts

Despite the fact that its still cold outside and there’s no kind of atmosphere, high waisted denim shorts still need to be high up on the agenda (I did a joke!). Summer will be here soon enough, but you can wear these whenever if you pair them up with some thick black tights and the right pair of boots. However, when the sunshine hits, whether you’re at home or on holiday, these will look class.

Red jeans for men

OK, so on to men’s fashion. The men’s red jeans page isn’t a random call to us all to don a pair of red skinny jeans, but more a how to if you are going down that route. Lots of people look upon fellers as wear red jeans as a bit nonsey, but that trend fell away where Jack White was concerned. With a less twotty attitude and a devil may kiss my adz outlook, you’re be less likely to look like a fool in a pair of red jeans.

Dunlop bags

Dunlop bags, on the other hand, are fool proof. These will look good no matter what. They’re massive inside too, but rarely feel bulky. There’s lots of different varieties and colours to choose from, so whether you want to look smart or scruffy, Dunlop bags never let you down. I’d wear these whether I were a doctor, investment hwanker or bin man. They don’t cost the earth either, so you can throw them around safe in knowledge that they’ll look cooler the more weathered they get, but when they finally go they don’t cost the earth to replace.

Black Converse All Stars

Just like Dunlop bags, Black Converse All Stars are iconic no matter what. They’ve been worn since the early 20th Century and have only gotten more well loved as the years have gone by. The trainer of choice for bands like the Ramones, black Converse All Stars are as much about music as they have been about sports and basketball. They’re like the punk rockers of the trainer world and for that reason they will always be class.

The Strokes, Under Cover of Darkness

It’s been a fair few years since the music world has been graced by the brilliance of The Strokes, and now it looks like they’re back with a vengeance. They’re new singlem Under Cover of Darkness is ace and sets them up for a big year with the upcoming release of their album, Angles. Literally, we can’t wait for it all to him. Gigs, albums, music history in the making.

The Tiger’s Wife

The Tiger’s Wife is Tuppence Magazine’s shout for one of the most exciting debut novels of recent times. Tea Obreht seems to have put everything into her upcoming novel, including her past in the Balkans, making The Tiger’s Wife a genuinely interesting prospect. It’s got debut novel awards written all over it, and with the big boost of featuring in the New York Times already, it should be a worldwide bestseller in no time at all. Miss it at your peril, I reckon.

Pilotwings Resort

Lastly, but by no means least, is the stunning excellence of the release of Pilotwings Resort on the 3DS later this month. Pilotwings hasn’t been seen in a long while, not since the brilliance of Pilotwings 64, but now it’s set to return in hand-held form and in beautiful stereoscopic 3D. This is one of the biggest steps forward for hand-held gaming, and with nearly a year’s head start over the upcoming Sony PSP 2 thing, it might just get the jump on it. Pilotwings Resort looks like one of the most pioneering hand-held game to be released in a while. There’ll be a lot more said about Nintendo 3DS games in the future.

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